Newbie on a Raleigh Meteor!?!

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Hey guys, instead of being a silent spectator finally decided to join in on the fun.

only got back into cycling last Nov, when I got myself a wee carrera hybrid from halfords, used it to commute & fell in love with self propulsion, unfortunately the bike fairy stole her from me in march, and scene as I hadn't insured it & didn't have the funds to buy a decent replacement I got the meteor off ebay for £50, (probs as old as I am, from the 80's i think) done its service on the commute no probs, and scene as iv now moved out of the city and also no longer need to commute (no job), Im toying with the idea of a single speed conversion?!

at the moment it has one down tube shifter, that is really unpredictable, & it also usually shifts up when you go uphill. I usually have it set on the 2nd highest gear and leave it there as long as it doesnt jump up on a hill. also it is only a 5 speed.

It is pretty old, and Il be honest I haven't shown it much love since the purchase, inc a meeting with a local bus/road. still goes fine, I use it on some shortish (compared to the guys on here) fitness runs;

unfortunately im not too sure how to get pics on here as yet, so if anyone could point me in the right direction il get some pics up (il try work it out in the meantime).

thinking of doing this one up, (keep for leisure/fitness) as much as my mechanical skills/funds will allow, poss join the cycle club at uni in sept & save for a decent 2nd hand 'modern' road bike.

any help/advice on conversions/maintenance on old bikes would be greatly appreciated, ta
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    Not sure what yr question is specifically, but some downtube shifters (non-indexed) have adjustment on the friction - that's the screw head in the centre of the shifter boss - that might help the random shifting. Otherwise a new freewheel and chain should do it - go here for five speed screw-on freewheels: ... ept77_pg1/

    If you want to do a single speed conversion that's easy too with a single speed screw-on freewheel either with 1/2 x 1/8 or 1/ x 3/32 chain. You'll need spacers to get a good chain line. Just dump the shifter and the rear mech.