16 stone man landing jumps on a hardtail?

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Basically, is the above safe, for me and more importantly my bike?!?

Got a Specialized Hardrock Pro a few weeks ago for the work commute, to lose some weight - should be 14 stone really - and am off to Gisburn Forest at the weekend with a mate. Will the bike be ok on the red tail with my weight on it, or should I take it slowly? Additionally, although I did a lot of riding 10+ years ago, how challenging will I find riding Gisburn? Obviously I'm not in peak shape but not too blubbery...



  • cooldad
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    Depends on the jumps.
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  • Dartster
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    Just go for it i say, it will either be alright or it won't :D

    As said in the post above, does depend on the jumps though...i probably wouldn't attempt any 6ft drop offs or similar ;)
  • I'm 16st 5 and go over the doubles and stuff at Cwmcarn on the Boardman.

    There are no big drops/jumps at Gisburn from what I can remember anyway... maybe a few steep technical trail features (TTF's) but all rollable and probably too tight in trees to jump them anyway.
  • S-M
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    I was 21 stone at xmas, currently 18 stone and i have done a few jumps on my Boardman Pro 2011

    The rear tyre exploded after approx 300 miles, might have had something to do with it :lol:

    Massive split around the sidewall where it joins the bead, apart from that the bike has been fine.
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    I am just under 18stone and have done the 8 at gisburn on my Cannondale HT along with Hully Gully and i and it coped well, just ride it to your ability mate but most of all enjoy it, took me 3 hours but I loved every minute of it.
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    Frame will be fine, wheels will cope ok up to a couple foot drop. Mine takes that sort of abuse, have done 4 foot drops to flat no problem other than needed to true the wheels a bit
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    should be fine mate, im 6ft5 and avarage 18st in summer, 20+ in winter lol. my old specialized hardrock sport (05 model) was, and still is fine. never any damage from jumps and i used to get AIR on it at lee quarry, its just a frame and forks in the store room now as its going to be made into something different ;) and i have Phat DH bike :)

    good luck, i'd like a trip up to gizzy soon :P
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  • you'll be fine i'm one of the lighter lads coming in at 17st although i now have a bighit, i've always been hooning off drops and shredding about. just use your bodys natural suspension "arms and legs" absorb as much as you can and the bike will easily cope with the rest.

    weight is never a hindrance, definately a help in "downhill" lol.
  • 1mancity2
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    There are no jumps as such on the red 8 loop, just as Northern Monkey says, techy drops, Hully gully is big berms with steep decents which if your hitting fast you will probably get air.

    Take it easy and you and your bike will come away fine.
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