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I'm in a quandry. I have about £400 to £500 to spend on a bike but I'm not sure if I should buy new or secondhand. seen a felt 95 from wiggle that I like, but there are some nice second hand bikes around as well. Any advice would be welcome. Oh, I should say that I'm 52 been cycling to and from work with some longer rides on my hybrid for the last two years. This will be my first road bike in a long time.



  • Hi welcome to bike radar forums.

    I developed my renewed love with bikes on a Scott hybrid,then decided that I wanted to take my biking to the next level.Like you I was drawn to the idea of a full-on road bike.I spent £1000 on a new carbon frame Ribble.I'd never spent that much on a bike before and felt that buying new was the safer option.
    If you could look at two similar bikes,one that had done say 200 miles and the other had done 1000,and you could confidently tell the difference,then a second hand bargain awaits.
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    Depends on your abilities to both detect a stolen bike or likewise to ensure the structural and mechanical integrity. £500 will get you a 3 year old bike that sold for £1000 something a Planet X pro that sold for £999 and don't tend to hold their value as there's so many about.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..