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Long Mynd mtb-shropshire anyone been?

CoolnickCoolnick Posts: 380
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Anyone been to Long Mynd at looked good in latest MBUK mag and those pods look pretty cheap too for some additional comfort. Was planning on another weekend to Peak district first weekend of October but was interested in opinions on the above? Cheers, Nick
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  • John MooreJohn Moore Posts: 580
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    One big ridge with a dozen options up and down, steep climbs and great fast single track. Minton Batch is a must
  • CoolnickCoolnick Posts: 380
    Sounds good, its a toss up between this and peaks hmm might try somewhere new for change.....any other opinions welcome
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  • I was there friday and go once a month or so. The Mynd is fantastic riding without the bother of being at a trail centre. Some tough climbs and some great descents.

    Mr moore is spot on about the Batch, it is absolutly fantastic. Not that technical but tight and keeps you thinking. Its my favourite natural descent.

    If you do the Mynd then you will not find the technical stuff that you get in the Peaks like Cut Gate and the Beast etc, but on a sunny day its absolutely glorious.
    Obviously each to his own and it may not be your thing, but I would give it a go.

  • mountymounty Posts: 682
    Pop in to the shop and get a copy of their map, as above there are some great trails, esp minton batch.

    Some nice climbing too, but on a good day the views are something else.

    I am riding in the area more and more now, but its def worth a visit.
  • garethwdgarethwd Posts: 52
    Minton batch is great fun! steady climb to get there mind. not try'd the othe downhills but why bother when the batch is such fun :D
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  • garetjaxgaretjax Posts: 175
    It's not very technical, more fast and flowing. I imagine it could be mushy when wet but in the dry it was superb. Very different to the technical peak district. I enjoy it. Sometimes it's nice just to pedal fast and look at the view without a constant fear of hitting a rock and flying off.

    Chainreaction ran an event there earlier this year.
  • BeardedDaveBeardedDave Posts: 1,977
    I rode there a couple of months ago, staying in the pods. Can't add much more than has already been said, about the riding, but the facilities at the site where the pods are are really good.

    The pods are basic. They're pretty much a shed with a light and a plug socket. I would advise taking some kind of camping bed and obviously a sleeping bag. On the same site as the pods, you have a great bike shop and an excellent pub. I think they are all run by the same people and we found the staff were fantastic and extremely good humoured (one of the barmaids throwing a packet of crisps at one of my mates, was nearly the highlight of the weekend!). The food in the pub was some of the best pub grub I've ever tasted. We're planning a return trip soon, as much for the pub as for the riding!
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  • Carding Mill crunch is gorgeous. Top hills views are incredible and there are enough tea rooms. Just be careful: place is simply overcrowded in high season.
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