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Hello you know you recommend a place in the country where you can go mountain bike free, in January I will make a holiday in the United States, with my bike and I would like advice on where to go, thanks


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    I would ask on an American based wed site. t5his is mainly a UK based site.

    also America is very big so ab Idea as to which part you are thinking of visiting would be good as would what type of riding you are wanting to do.

    Good luck.
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    Free? Aside from the equipment and cost of getting to places, riding is always free so long as there's a scrap of land to ride on (whether the owner likes it or not :D).

    Maybe it's different in America or Italy though. I've been used to a large amount of freely accessible open land in the UK.

    p.s. More US focused forum I've dabbled in occasionally: http://forums.mtbr.com
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    you can ride any were out there i would stay away from the swamps if i was you :shock:
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