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PM Issue

markc1984markc1984 Posts: 44
I received an email today stating that I had received a private message.

I log in, go to my inbox but find there is actually no private message at all.

Any idea why this has happened? I have posted in the Wanted section of this site recently a few times regarding gear shifters and am wondering whether it was relating to that, but there's no way of knowing.

Is there a chance that somehow a message has gotten 'stuck' in limbo, it's there but it's not, if that makes sense?

Thing is, I really don't want to lose out on any potential response to my threads so am hoping this isn't a technical issue which may affect that.



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    maybe the poster decided that they wanted to delete the message. they can do until you read it.
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  • Ahh okay, thanks for that, never knew you could do that! :)

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