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Hi all,
not 100% sure this is the right area of the forum to post this on. If it's not, apologies. Please let me know where i should post it.
So i'm off to Mallorca for 2 weeks in September. Plan to hire a road bike for at least 1 week from s'escapada in Campos (anybody have any experience of them??). I'm going to be based in the south of the island. Can anyone recommend any routes in the south? I'll be in Colonia de St Jordi if that helps.
I know the north of the island is where the fun is to be had with all the climbing. I'm sure I'll get there for a day or two, but if anybody can help with routes in the south it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks



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    Flat, hot and and dusty mostly though there is one rather nice hill with a monastery perched on top. Quiet roads aplenty but you'll be tormented by the vista to the North :lol:
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    Hi Dan

    I know E,scapada in campos I bought my cube agree pro from there, good shop helpful staff no exp of hiring a bike from there but I would think it would be fine.

    Route wise yes the North is best but if your keen theres nothing stopping you have a full day out and it will be from there to get to the mountians and up and over and back but your looking at 100 mile round trip. From there its pretty head towards algaida, llucmajor, Porreros, and if you go to Felanitx (town a bit 5hite) but theres a nice climb there go up the mountain and there is a big statue with a cross on top really good view up there too.

    If you look up Petra thats past felanitx theres a great road full of bikes there that go to Petra from down south you will find that a good ride not too hilly but very pretty in places.

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    Jeff what's the weather like in the new year for cycling and what sort of length and height climbs are there n the north?

    Thinking of a cycling holiday after Xmas some time maybe there, maybe g canaria. Interested in hills, good few thousand meters of climbing and nice long descents if poss.

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    Weather here in the new year can be great can be iffy but of the draw on the whole its usally nice around xmas and after with the few odd weeks rainy and cold but never too much rain and somethimes its the best time of year deadly quiet and great weather.

    Climbing here there is plenty to keep you amused There is a nice route over the mountains which will see you climb around 800 meters then drop down and can come straight back up a different way to vary it. there is a great decent into soller very long cant remember off topof my head but its about 8 mile i think i hit 72mph down there last time. id say you wont be dispointed if the sun comes out its great if you wan almost garunteed sun the canaries would be better ive not cycled there but id say here would be better judging by just how many come here purely to cycle. main season early on is mar to end of april.
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    HI Jejj, many thanks for that.

    Yes, I know Felanitx isn't great! I grew up on the isalnd, but have been living in the uk for about 16 years and have only started road cycling for the last 2 or 3 years and have yet never got myself a bike whilst back on the isalnd visiting friends and family.
    I know roughly where the towns are, but don't know the roads, hence me posting on here. I will try the route you suggest.
    I'm also thinking of cycling from Colonia de St Jordi to Puigpunyent at some point as I have family there, but I'm struggling to figure out how to get past Palma. Any suggestions?
    Any chance you have some gpx routes plotted somewhere? (i know this is a long shot!!)
    Thanks again!!

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    You should be able to reach Puig de Randa from the south on a good run. We call it 'Flat-top Mountain'. It's a great climb and is topped by a monestery and air traffic control radar dome. It can be seen from miles away.
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    Hi Dan that wont be a problem, i ride sa pobla to palma very often (did it today) i go via bunyola then into palma past the prison then drop down through the town then go along the foot path around the coast. If i was you i would head into palma along the front then go north through the city (its easy) and pick up the road to soller (the long straight one past the prison) then take then left out to puigpunyent. I have not gone left that way but it isnt far from the main road. i do log all my rides on a garmin so will have a look for a gpx file. it wont go that way to puig but it will show the route through palma i use that will give you an idea.
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    Hi dan just pmd you about a gpx file

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    Thanks Jeff and Sirius!
    Getting some nice ideas for rides.
    Jeff, I have emailed you.