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Bianchi VIA Nirone 7 Xenon Compact 2011 Road Bike

IhekeIheke Posts: 4
edited November 2011 in Road stolen
No sob story (well nearly) my prized possession was stolen from my apartment in Wandsworth, London (Basement Garage).

It was stolen at some point last night (10 August 2011)

I say night but it is quite possible the bike was stolen during the day (although the theives used a circular saw to test whether my locks were really as bullet proof as the makers say they are and I doubt whether they were brazen enough to fire up power tools in the day!.)

It looks a little like this: ... e-ec025814

Only with black Continental Gatorskins rather than the white race tyres and much dirtier as a consequence of rain last week.

Funnily enough I wrote off the handlebars in a road accident (hit a mansized pothole at 40 mph) so the theives will be running around London trying to buy a new pair of hooks and find some new levers (Evans assured me that they had the last pair in London, but who knows...)

Conclusion, if anyone sees a broken virtually new Bianchi with the black gatorskins. Let me know.


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