1st ever time trial - Report

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Hi guys. I wrote a report on my first club ride recently and thought i would follow this up with a 1st time trial as the responses were both helpfull and informative.

The thing is I DIDNT RIDE :-) I took a mate along and due to the weather conditions and a few other things i didnt need much excuse (I cannot get injured atm and this looked like exactly the conditions for me to strain my knee). So we turned up and EVERYONE was very welcoming. The organiser was chatty & informative. There were some serious riders there on training rollers warming up but they accepted my mate on his bike with different coloured tyres and 6yr old Giant road bike.

The organisor was so welcoming that after about 15mins i heard someone mention the even may be cancelled as they didnt have enough marshalls to take care of a route change (Temporary Traffic lights). I offered to help out and me and my son ended up marshalling.

We took it very seriously untill my mate came along where a whole torrent of abuse, incorrect direction advice and a version of YMCA was carried out to his amusement.

Anyhow, the event was great fun. My mate came 15th out of 18 and seemed to enjoy the challenege. His time of 30m14 wasnt so impressive but it was HORRIBLE conditions and very hilly.

There is a local route in about 2 wks time which they will be doing 2 weeks in a row. I am set for doing them and seeing how i get on