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Reputable retailer? Worth buying from?

johnboy183johnboy183 Posts: 829
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Hi folks
Just found this web site selling cycling clothing gear. Just wondered if anyone had dealings with them? Deliver on time? Quality products etc?

Thanks in advance


  • No experience of this site but it looks a bit suspect and seems to be based in the Far East.
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  • inkyfingersinkyfingers Posts: 4,400
    Wouldn't touch that with a barge pole. Too cheap for it to be genuine kit and and no contact address or phone number anywhere on the site.
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  • johnboy183johnboy183 Posts: 829
    Ooh you've looked into it in far more depth than I have, thanks. I figured it probably wasn't genuine kit but I was more interested in prices and quality rather than whether real or not
  • It's going to be a "suck it and see"
    If they let you use Paypal and you're not bothered that it's pirated kit they're selling, go ahead.
    If they want you to pay by credit card, are you going to risk sending them the details?
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  • nottscobbnottscobb Posts: 147
    Quick check of the shipping page shows that it is a Chinese site so will be just the same as buying copied team kits from Ebay. Not sure if they allow paypal or not though as you have to enter all your shipping details first and I was just intrigued.
  • dodgy site
  • My next door neighbour [also keen cyclist] orded 3 trade sets [Garmin..HTC..Sky] bib shorts &short sleave tops...£75 all of good qty.... used paypal with no problems....shorts with a decent inserts...
  • johnboy183johnboy183 Posts: 829
    I've checked further and it does accept paypal. Like earlier poster said I guess you pays your money and takes your choice. Thanks all for responses
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