Wet weather clothing

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What does everyone wear for riding in the rain. I dont mind my 4 mile commute in boil in the bag waterproofs with overshoes but really dont fancy wearing the same clobber for a 2 hour ride. Also if you just wear bibs and jersey do you wear overshoes to keep feet dry.


  • anto164
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    Bibs, long sleeve jersey, and a decent jacket.

    I tend to wear waterproof socks more than overshoes though. That's possibly the mtber in me with the socks instead of overshoes.
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    Ok so what do you call a decent jacket. I have an Altura at the moment but feel that on a decent ride I will be soaked and not from the rain.
  • Overshoes, waterproof gloves & the best jacket you can afford
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    Gore phantom softshell with just a baselayer underneath if it's fairly cold (5-15c), can always take the arms off if needs be. Otherwise, assuming I know it's likely to be raining the whole ride, probably a gore pac lite jacket over a baselayer or just a gilet and get wet (I find being wet is OK it's the windchill that's the problem).

    I usually just wear Lusso Max Repel overshoes if it's wet but warmish, neoprene ones are too hot IME outside of autumn/winter.
  • nferrar wrote:
    (I find being wet is OK it's the windchill that's the problem).


    Don't have a problem with getting wet, but then you start to get cold and that is what causes the riding to become a pain in the arse! Keep your torso warm, and the rest will take care of itself
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    Staying warm is more important than dry IME - you generate too much heat and water vapour when riding hard for any 'breathable' waterproof to cope IME - better off with a decent windstopper jacket and layer-up beneath depending on conditions. Likewise, fleece-backed or roubaix bib tights on the legs, wooly socks and decent overshoes on the feet. Full-length mudguards are a big help to staying comfortable if it's hooning-down. The trick with winter riding is getting to know what kit works best in what conditions - generally if you go out and it's a little chilly is better than going out warm and getting into a cold, damp fug - particularly if riding for more than 3 hours.
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    i honestly dont mind the rain, definitely gives you your added dose of Rule V.

    the most morale sapping thing is having cold soggy feet though, so just a long sleeve jersey, bibs and waterproof overshoes would do me. i'm usually more worried about the state my bike and phone are going to be in....
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    A nice warming oil for those shaved legs doesn't do any harm either.