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Xero Wheels

sjclarksjclark Posts: 64
edited August 2011 in Road buying advice
I have been riding a set of Xero XR-1 Lite's on my Spec Tarmac since I upgraded from the Mavix Aksiums that came on it and they were great until yesterday when I hit a pot hole a ripped a spoke through the rim!

So I am looking for a replacement.

I have read lots on this forum about Shimano RS80's being great and a few other recommendations, but does anyone know if you can still buy Xero Wheels in the UK? The XR-1's were great - deep rims, stiff and light - a huge difference from the Aksiums. They were also a very good price (£10 for the pair at the time).

I am worried about not being so impressed with a new set if I spend a similar amount again - say up to £300.

Anyone else moved on from these wheels?

Thanks in advance.
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