Apple gift vouchers faff

Cleat Eastwood
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Has anybody else had this problem.

I bought an app store email voucher online for my nephew with a credit card, brilliant.

Tried to buy another one a few seconds later for my other nephew an oh no....card declined. Please enter card details.

So I do this. Rejected again...pleasea amend details, so I do this again and again and again.

Then today I get a letter from hsbc saying that my cards being used fraudulently. I phone them up and the fraudster

Turns out after the first purchase apple match your Itunes account details with the details from your bank, if one detail is wrong, i.e you use Rd instead of road then apple flag it up as fraud to the bank and it's nye on impossible to change.

It's nice to know the bank are on the ball but what a faff. I'm getting my vouchers from asda form now on......or curry's in tottenham.
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  • Apple in general suck if you ask me. Over priced for what you get, and arn't even flash anymore with the flood of much better and cheaper smart phones.

    That said, Itunes is rather decent to find new music, but apple will never get any of my cash.
  • Apple suck

    apple will never get any of my cash.

  • balthazar
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    Ah. That would explain it. I had my card declined in Sainsbury's recently, the day after buying a fair amount of Apple gear, instore and online. It turned out to be the fraud bit of the bank, who made me jump through considerable hoops to eventually walk out with my shopping... My Apple ID hasn't changed in years, but I guess there could have been a small conflict somewhere.