Classifieds: how to comply with the rules, hints and tips.

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1) Do not use all CAPS.
2) Include images of the item(s) you have for sale.
3) Include a Price. This is not an auction site.
4) If you have an item already advertised on this site do NOT make an other advert for it. The re-post will be deleted.
5) Do not Bump your or other peoples posts. A cheeky or Weekend Bump will get the advert removed.
6) If you need to ammend or add to an advert, post in the same thread. DO NOTE MAKE ANOTHER AD.

The biggest problem people seem to have is attaching images. The single biggest issue is not getting the image properties correct. the link has to end in a image format extension eg. .jpg .png .tiff .gif How you get that is by right clicking on the image and using that. NOTE many image hosters do not show the image when you are looking at it but a viewer and you may need to go further into the page, for example show all sizes or show image.
the above will not work as it was not actually at the image.
this is the correct code for the above image.

also try using the preview button to see if it actually works.

Of cause you can just use the link and let people follow that.

So here is the guide.

How to add images to your posts

First you need to host the image somewhere on the net.

common hosts are

Please read their Terms and conditions regards linking and hosting.

some sites provide code for you to add to your post, or you can copy the images properties and paste that between the img tags provided by the img box above the reply window.

for example this picture ... 280-80.jpg

that is the properties of the image. now put it between the img tags and you get..


if the images are BIG please resize or use a thumbnail image like
this is an example provided by Imageshack.


You can now upload pics directly.

Whilst BikeRadar cannot be held responsible for lost money, goods or late arrivals of either, we reserve the right to edit posts or warn users who do not use the service fairly. Please read the rules and FAQ for more info on how to use this section. The following recommendations will help in the case of disputes.

- When goods are paid for, the buyer should inform the seller as soon as possible and keep a record of the correspondence and payment details

- Similarly the seller should notify the buyer that they have received the payment, and advise on delivery times.

- BikeRadar feels that a fair time period for postage of goods is seven working days. If this is not possible, the buyer should be informed and, if the reason is known in advance, published in the advert.

- Recorded delivery is recommended. All receipts of postage or details should be retained, and preferably scanned or photographed: this provides proof to the buyer that the goods have been posted (and in reasonable time) and helps in cases where the delivery delay is out of the control of the seller. This prevents bad feedback.

- The buyer should inform the seller when goods are received.

- Not reading PMs or emails is not a valid excuse if the other party can provide evidence they were sent.

If a user of the Classifieds receives repeated bad feedback despite the above considerations then they could be banned from using the section.

Tips on buying second-hand bikes/stuff:

1. If there’s no frame number anywhere on the secondhand steed, beware. It may have been stolen and filed off.

2. Look for crash damage. If a frame is bent, forget it. It’ll be severely weakened. The most common damage area is just behind the head tube, on the top and down tubes. Look for paint and/or metal distortion. If the headset cups move in the frame, it may be evidence of a frontal impact.

3. Check the fork isn’t bent. If the legs are pushed back from the steerer angle, the bike has been ridden into something. Turn the steering to see if there are loose and tight spots in the headset. If it locks or loosens, there has probably been impact damage. Make sure the suspension fork compresses and rebounds smoothly.

4. Line up the front and rear wheels by eye from the back. If the wheels aren’t in line, the frame has been hit from the side or is badly built. And check the wheels are central in the frame and not off to one side.

5. Inspect the rear mech gear hanger and dropouts for damage. You can have a new gear hanger fitted to a steel frame, but alu frames have a replaceable hanger as there are less people able to repair them.

6. Spin the wheels. Are they straight and true? Minor sideways buckles are easy to true but big ups and downs often mean a new wheel. Factor this in to the price.

7. Check the tyres and sidewalls for wear and damage. Proper MTB tyres are costly to replace (£20-£35).

8. Check everything that has bearings. Have the bearings got play or are they stiff? Pay particular attention to hubs, bottom bracket, pedals and headsets. They may just need servicing but if they’ve been that way for a while, they may be beyond the re-greasing solution.

9. Check the brakes. Are the pads worn down? Do they work smoothly without grabbing? If not, look for buckled rims or wonky or damaged disc rotors.

10. Check the drivetrain. If a chain doesn’t sit snugly on the teeth, it’ll may need replacing. Unfortunately, if a chain has been ridden while worn out, it may also have worn out the sprockets. A new chain will often slip on old worn sprockets, as an old chain will slip on new sprockets.

11. Make sure stems and seat posts aren’t seized. This is a common problem on old bikes. Take an Allen key with you and when everything is tight and set, go for a test ride.

Spam and Scammers

Flag the post. and the spam will get deleted.

If you decide that you really need to reply and say something, the whole topic will be deleted as you are making more work than is needed.

IE the Mods now have two posts to delete rather than one. Guess what to remove the whole topic is easier.

So please think.

We've also been getting some scammers on the forum recently (and this is the main reason we've turned off the edit post function in classifieds). They're fairly easy to spot, and so easy to avoid. They will generally use poor English, and their post will ask for details which are already included in your advert. For example, they will enquire about the condition and most recent price of the item, but will not actually say what the item specifically is, preferring to just say 'the bike'.

Have a look through their post history in their profile. If all of their posts are replies to adverts, and all identical, chances are very good that they're trying to pull a scam. If you do end up emailing these people, they will email you back offering to send you a cheque for many times the value of the bike or part in question, and you then give the remainder to their 'shipping company'. Their first cheque will bounce after appearing to clear, and you'll be left without your bike/part and be thousands of pounds out of pocket.

As always, if in doubt, report the post and we'll sort it out.


  • supersonic
    supersonic Posts: 82,708
  • supersonic
    supersonic Posts: 82,708
    People are clearly not reading the rules.

    - PRICE
    - PICS
    - ONE THREAD PER PERSON PER SECTION. We will allow individual threads for FULL bikes.
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    As people are still having issues with adding images here is a step by step guide to using the Upload attachment feature.

    below your text window you will see some tabs.

    press the Upload attachment one

    then Browse to your image. then add the file.
    you will then be asked where to place it NOTE it will place it where your cursor is.


    and again there is a PREVIEW button so you can CHECK the results before posting.

    there is NO Edit function in here.
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