Bought supplements online, never been rights?

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Hi everybody,

I need some help.

I bought some energy recovery drinks online from and they never arrived.

No notifications, I called them 7 days after purchase and they told me (to my surprise) that they were out of stock. I requested a refund, which, 2 weeks on, never materialised. I talked to them several times aand every time they come up with a new excuse.

I did a quick searc on Trust Pilot and it seems that they are NOT a good company.
I payed via PayPal and opened a case.

They never answer the phone nor emails. It seems that the business doesn't exist. At least I'm "happy" that I used PayPal instead of my credit card!

What can I do? Report them to OFT? Trading Standards? These guys are clearly running a bogus online company and I don't want more people to do the same mistake I did.



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    If you paid by creditcard then youve prob got Creditcard Protection.See your bank..Whether paypal affects your rights here I do not know but you can but ask
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    You would probably have more protection with your credit card than with paypal. Can't you raise a dispute with paypal and ask them for your money back?

    It's unlikely trading standards or anyone else will help much unless they have a pattern of lots of complaints.
  • parajba
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    Thanks guys for the kind reply. I did open a case with PayPal, let' see how it goes...

    General rant - I find it incredible that in 2011 people can still run dodgy websites based in the UK and get away with it. This website is real, it has a phone number, a PO Box, etc it's not just a random Nigerian email address or alike...
  • What supplements did you order? I suspect it wasn't anything readily available at your local Holland and Barretts....
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    If you follow the facebook link from their website, it looks like you can edit their contact info.

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