Carbon fiber - aluminium delamination

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I have a pair of carbon fiber composite forks with an aluminium steerer. A small crack has appeared towards the top of one of the fork legs. Having removed some of the paint and matrix material from the area it appears there is some delamination between the carbon composite and the aluminium strut that enters the leg.

Does anyone know in general how far the aluminium extends into the composite tube.

Any tips on fixes and repairs.



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    Pics? Unfortunately it sounds as though it's ready for the scrap heap. Any delamination in the fork/steerer tube area is very dangerous. A failed fork can be very sudden and usually ends up in a hospital stay or worse. Take it to a carbon fiber repair specialist to be sure but most likely they won't attempt a fix.
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    For the sake of the cost of a replacement ie £80 or some hefty dental bills? The fact that the materials are delaminating means that water has probably got in and caused corrosion and likely made things worse.
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    Yep new fork time.

    I had a similar experience but as bike was under warranty I took it to the shop. The mechanic took the front wheel out and squeezed the drop outs together and that was the end of them but a new pair soon came along.

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