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Silver Merlin Malt 1 hardtail stolen 04/08 - Roundhay, Leeds

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... so if anyone sees it or is offered it for sale, please can you let the local constabulary know and give me (Jonny) a ring on 07919305852. £50 cash prize to the person who gets me my bike back!

The bike was taken from my riding buddy's garage in Roundhay area of Leeds late last night (Thurs 4th August).

It might be an old girl (8 years old!) but it's still in decent nick, still rides well and will cost a lot more to replace with a modern equivalent than the thieving junkie tiny-dicked scum-sucking plebian pissflap who swiped it will ever make selling the damn thing!

Distinguishing Features

The frame is a silver (i.e. lacquered ally) Merlin hardtail, with black Merlin decals and a couple of faded green Hope stickers. Black Rtchey stem and Kore bars.

It's fitted with a plastic "carbon-fibre look" crud catcher on the downtube, a bottle cage on the downtube, and has a red LED Cateye rear light. On the handlebars is a black plastic speedo/computermabob thing with a big red button on it.

Front fork is a black Marzocchi MX Comp (has white-and-grey "Bomber" lettering down the side of each leg, and "Marzocchi 03" decal on the front of each leg).

Brakes Front disc brake is a Hope M4 Mono, black caliper with orangey coloured anodised cylinder covers, with a silver and black Hope lever. Rear brake is a common-or-garden silver Deore V-brake.

Wheels Front wheel is silver Mavic XC717 with black Deore hub; rear is a silver FiR with black Deore hub. Crankset is black Deore.

Drivetrain Rear mech is Shimano XT Shadow, front deore, shifters are Shimano LX thumbshifters.

(Not sure what to be more concerned about: my bike going walkabout, the amount of censored details I can remember about the bike, or that fact that I'm actually pissed off at myself for being unable to remember what brand and model the tryes and saddle are!! :roll: )

Here's Hoping.

Thanks dudes,
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