i am building my first a sub 17Lb bike for £950 any good ?

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Hi all Newbie post here . heres a little list of stuff , your opinion please ?

(1) FSA Handlebars Road RD-305 Carbon Pro Road Bars 44cm Black Carbon 31.8mm
(1) FSA Seatposts SL-240 CSI SBS Seatpost 2009 27.2mm 350mm Carbon
(1) FSA Stems - Road OS-150 White Edition Stem 2009 90mm 6Deg 1.1/82 OS 31.8Clamp
(1) Shimano Wheels Factory Road RS30 Clincher Wheels Pair- Black/Silver (130477 & 130478)
(1) Campagnolo Chains Ultra Chain Link 10Sp Each
(1) Bike Ribbon Handlebar Tape Cork Bar Tape Black/Red
(1) Michelin Tubes A1 AirStop Butyl Tube - 700c 700 x 18C-23C Presta 52mm
(1) Michelin Tubes A1 AirStop Butyl Tube - 700c 700 x 18C-23C Presta 52mm
(1) Continental Tyres - Road Ultra Sport Tyre 700 x 23c Wire - Red/Black Skin
(1) Continental Tyres - Road Ultra Sport Tyre 700 x 23c Wire - Red/Black Skin

£269.93p for that lot

then from the beloved ebay

cable set £25
campag veloce callipers £33
campag centaur carbon crank and super record cups from USA £161
S10 full carbon seat 135g £29.99 :shock: (pm me for details)
MicroShift Arsis Carbon gears n levers cassette £230

and lastly a KOOKA frameset secondhand ebay £180 minty too 2kg with forks n headset

it will come in at 16Lb12oz

and moneywise at £928.93
all new aprt from the frame

is that good guys ? i know the seat is Cheers Timbo :D
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  • timmyturbo
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    Definite room for improvement on the bars at 400g also the callipers are 370g also the seat tube was cheap but 30cm long (could chop off 10cm for maybe 60g) the cash is gone so next year for that . pity is i am making it for my friend at request . i am starting feel quite envious of him , lucky bugger . i have always been tight for cash , but i don't think i would ever walk into an EVAN's and lash out £3000 for a totally impersonal bike that 100's of others have . cheers Timbo
    Britannia waives the rules
  • dawebbo
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    No idea what the microshit gs is like.

    I'd get better tyres - gp4000s if you want to stick with conti's. You will definitely notice the difference.

    who gives a sh1t about value, as long as you can afford it. The most important thing is that you enjoy riding it and it looks cool. Be sure to post pictures when finished.
  • colsoop
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    Are those figures for weights manafacturers figures or your own weighing results ?

    Those carbon seats are a bit of a compromise in comfort if its one of the non padded varient. I would be tempted to sacrifice a couple hundred grammes for something a bit more bum friendly.
  • mowflow
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    If those weights are manufacturers stated weights then I doubt they will be accurate. When I add up all the bits on my bike it comes to about 14Lb. There's no way it's that light.

    I am a natural cynic but do believe that building is better than off the peg. It'll be a nice bike but probably a little heavier than you think.
  • markos1963
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    +1 on changing the tyres, Ultra Sports have got to be the worst ones I have ever had the misfortune to ride. I see J E James have Ultremo R1's for £19.99 atm.