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Best value BMX for my 10 yo....

prb007prb007 Posts: 703
My son - like most 10 year-olds, is fickle...
a couple of weeks ago he was dead set on a road bike (whilst the TdF was on),
now after watching Daniel Dhers et al at the X-Games he wants a BMX!

If I'm honest, I'm glad he's changed his mind as the thought of him on a road bike
fills me with dread (I've had enough near-misses myself and he has the road sense
of a hedgehog!), and if the BMX was a good enough start for Cav, Chris Hoy etc.,
then it'll be a good grounding for my son as well!

Doing a bit of digging on the net, it soon becomes apparent that sub-£200
bikes are mostly hi-tensile steel, with one-piece cranks, resin pedals and generally 'toys',
wheras once you start to spend a bit more, you'll get cro-moly frames and three-piece cranks.

Not really au fait with 'modern' BMX brands (Stolen, Wethepeople, etc),
more of a traditionalist (GT, Mongoose, Haro etc), but spotted this, which seems
to be good value AND has a cro-moly main frame and 3-piece cranks... ... White.html

anyone familiar with the brand and/or the vendor?

Cheers, in advance, for your responses....
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  • estampidaestampida Posts: 1,008
    that bmx seems ok, not clued up on the bottom price range and only once your really in to bmx (say a year or two away) it will be all 4130 cromo, as eveything else snaps

    but the costs is a right problem, as he will need a long top tube model in the next 2 years I guess..........

    unless there is a gem on ebay (some spoilt kid), it's probably is a good punt, I have seen these bikes going around and thought they were more expensive than they are

    parts are dead cheap for BMX

    as you know they change their minds quite frequiently, and most likely you will be building a DJ bike for his 12th birthday...........

    This comes with 1/2" axles

    Brand name but all Hi-ten ... _Bike_2011

    remeber bmx is all about a bike you can drop when it goes wrong so alloy bars are out
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