Squealing Brakes - Any Cure?

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t'was a bit damp on my ride into work this morning... Nothing horrible, just a misty drizzle that permeated pretty much everything. I didn't have any issues, but every time I grabbed a handful of brake, there was the most god-awful squealing. I'd cleaned my bike after I got back in from my ride on Saturday, including the rims, but I was wondering if there is anything I can do to reduce/stop this happening? Brakes/Pads are standard 105 jobbies - would there be any point in changing pad to a softer compound perhaps?
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  • rc856
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    Are they new pads?
    Check to see how they're aligned in the pad holder thingy :)
  • guinea
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    Toe-in is your friend.
  • Pads are new, yes; only about 150 miles done on this bike...

    Toe-in! D'oh... should've remembered that from my old MTB days. Thanks!
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    have you tried oiling them?
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    have you tried oiling them?
    Oiling them??!! That'll stop the squealing. And the braking.
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    pulled the cat out?
  • merak wrote:
    ...That'll stop the squealing...
    Well, the brakes anyway... I can't make the same guarantees for myself. ;)
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    Well you could just let them squeal like me... good for getting idiots walking on the road out of the way :lol:
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    have you tried oiling them?

    That was a suggstion when my Dad had a new bike back 20 years ago, steel rims and rubber brake blocks :D He didn't by the way.
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    Toe-in should reduce the squeal.

    Personally, I don't mind a bit of squeal, becasue it acts as a perfect announcement of your presence and what you are doing. More effective, and lighter, than fitting a bell.

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