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Best waterproof cycling jacket?

badgerjockeybadgerjockey Posts: 36
edited August 2011 in Road buying advice
After getting totally and abolutely soaked today using windproof only, I have decided to look into buying my first cycling specific waterproof jacket. However, there are some things I need from it:

-packability: I'll be putting this into a Large sized Topeak Aero Wedge saddlebag so it needs to pack down to a relatively small size. I guess this really limits me to single-layer shells...

-At least showerproof: I realise packable waterproofs aren't always exactly as waterproof as their more substantial counterparts but it should be able to withstand an hour's ride through drizzle or showers or else I'd consider it useless...

-Some sort of venting or good breathability: despite being medium build, I tend to sweat a lot and can easily get wet underneath a waterproof too.

Colours/fluro are less of a priority and so is price. I'm not made of money and won't spend say £120+, I just want something that works and am willing to pay a fair price rather than rock bottom for this.

I am expecting that whatever I plump for, I will still get wet if I'm riding through a downpour for longer than say 20-30 minutes at the expense of packability...

So, what are everyone's experience with theirs and can anyone make any recommendations? I just can't make a decision from trying things on in the shop!




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