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mobile phone insurance

OlliedaOllieda Posts: 1,010
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After travelling a lot with work and not having internet access all that much i decided to get one of these "smart phones" i hear so much of.

Went cheap and got one second hand off ebay instead of tying into an expensive long contract - however it now looks like no one will insure a second hand mobile phone - even though it's technically brand new!

Anyone know of a company that does mobile insurance to cover a second hand mobile?


  • -spider--spider- Posts: 2,548
    some bank accounts offer this as part of the package

  • OlliedaOllieda Posts: 1,010
    mine doesn't and as I'm still using my interest free student overdraft I wont be changing soon :(
  • beverickbeverick Posts: 3,461
    Check with your household insurance provider. Your phone may well already be covered by the contents policy.

    See this article: ... th-it.html

  • Slow DowncpSlow Downcp Posts: 3,041
    If it didn't cost that much, is insurance needed?
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  • davieseedaviesee Posts: 6,386
    House insurance?

    Phone insurance is a rip off as people use it to get "free" upgrades and the premiums skyrocket as a result.
    I am in my 11th year insurance free and no claims. The amount saved will buy any phone.
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