Cycling iphone app review - which mag was it?

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A little while ago in one of the cycling mags there was a review of good iphone apps for cyclists. I didn't pay much attention as I didn't have an iphone then. However, looks like I'll have one but can't remember or find which mag/date it was. Does anyone know please?


  • beverick
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    Cycling Active I think. About Feb or March edition.

    There have been some in the MTB magazines as well but I can't remember which ones.

    I think Google will be your best friend......

  • Secteur
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    I remember this, but as I buy all the magazines I cant remember which it was!

    I did think at the time that all the apps were crap though (possible exception of the mapmyride style ones, but I have a Garmin 800 so wouldnt need that anyway)