Bar tape unravelling . any tips?

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I am newish and expect there is a good explanation as to what is happening but I wanna know how to fix it.

I wear gloves and change my hand position often but don't twist the bar tape. However it is unravelling and exposing the bars both in one area per hand on the tops and one area per hand on the drops. Shall I just take is off and re-wrap it?

All advice appreciated,



  • nakita222
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    wrap it tighter and in the other direction.
  • ddraver
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    wrap it so it tightens as your hand rotate outwards (away from the stem). That way it will tighten as you ride rather than slowly be pulled lose....
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  • coombsfh
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    I have done it, Wrapped it pretty tight too so hopefully wont need to worry about it again. Going for my first ride with someone else tomorrow so need to sleep and bring my a-game, re-wrapped bartape and all :D