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What length chain for Bontrager Privateer?

MigginsMiggins Posts: 433
edited July 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
A mate has given me his old Bontrager Privateer and it needs a new chain. It has an 8 speed cassette (3 x 8, 24 speed) so I have bought an 8 speed chain which has 116 links. The chain that was on the bike when I got it has 104 links but I can't find one with 104 links. My mate says he doesn't remember ever changing the chain but he does remember having shifting problems which, at the time, he put down to worn components. So:

1- Is it a case of removing some links or will it work ok as it is?
2- If I do need to remove links, how can I be sure that 104 links is the correct amount to have in the chain?

Thanks in advance.
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