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upgrade time?

slingersurfslingersurf Posts: 12
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Thanks in advance ,

Q1- I'm looking to upgrade the fork on my rockhopper disk from the RS Toro
302 100mm, will the 120mm reba one from my fsr xc pro fit/have too much of an adverse affect on the handling or do i need to stick to a 100mm unit?

Q2- which ext BB is the best value for money/long lasting to fit to the fsr xc, the non drive side has siezed in less than 13 months/ 600 miles. i'm not the most smooth of riders, hitting big stuff on dartmoor & getting faster :twisted: only been riding for 2 years.

I'm getting into xc racing & enduro, done Mayhem & 24/12; managed to lap 65min at mayhem, 50min at 24/12. Not to bad for a 40 year old 73kg 6'2" :oops: i think


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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    1 maybe
    2 stick a Deore on and change it regularly. £12 or so.
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  • ilovedirtilovedirt Posts: 5,798
    1. it would be a bit slacker, so nicer on the descents, but not amazing on the climbs, but i reckon 120mm on a rockhopper would be alright. Personally I wouldn't run a hardtail with less than 120mm of travel these days as I like they way they handle with that much travel.

    2. Shimano deore one would be alright. The SLX/XT one is good also, i've had a fair amount of use from one of those. Though 13 months for a bottom bracket really isn't bad going!
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