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Sore palms would higher riser bars and shorter stem help

GTD.GTD. Posts: 626
edited July 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
I narrowed my bars a while ago to allow me to ride through the stupidly narrow anti motorbike posts the local councils has fitted on some NCN routes round here.

I have since changed frames and now my palms are getting sore as my hands seem to be taking more of the weight than my censored .

Would riser bars with more... err rise and width help, thinking of fitting a shorter stem too.

My Orange has much wider bars, with more rise and a shorter stem although I have used a 30mm spacer under the stem, and 30mm riser bars as the steerer is uncut, though it needs doing as the steerer has 55mm of spacers above the stem :oops: :lol:

if my saddle is the same height against the top of the head set and I use a 10mm spacer and 50mm riser bars with a stem that gives around the same distance between the bars and the saddle would my hardtail have a similarly comfortable position as my other bike?
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