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found some great deals

denzzz28denzzz28 Posts: 315
edited July 2011 in Road buying advice
I put this thread in the for sale thread but the admin said im not selling it so why put there, so i guess putting it on buying advice should be appropriate. im just sharing some great deals that i found and bought to other cyclist looking for a good bargain. so i hope the admin allows this thread.

i found this really nice but inexpensive work stand in LIDL store for only 29.99, the stand is very nicely built and very solid.

they are also selling cycling shorts and trousers with good padding for only £8.99 and some cycling accessories, you might want to check their store and web site. i bought the work stand and a couple of shorts a jacket.and they are nice.

Michelin PRO race 3 service course deal in Decathlon, £24.99 each or £40 for a pair. you cant find it this cheap even on ebay. i bought a pair by the way.


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