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Text blocking

martinwitnammartinwitnam Posts: 439
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How is it possible for my mobile number not to be sent with a message?
A friend of mine has been receiving malicious messages which have the phone number normally displayed at the screen, replaced with the word "Blocked"!

Can we fix it?
Yes we can!


  • MountainMonsterMountainMonster Posts: 7,423
    Depending on what phone you have, you can sometimes block texts from certain numbers through system settings, and some networks also are able to provie them.
  • RDWRDW Posts: 1,900
    Maybe they didn't send it from a phone, but used one of those websites (SMS gateways) that let you type in a text message and send it to any number?
  • STEFANOS4784STEFANOS4784 Posts: 4,109
    But why have you been sending your friend these messages and why do you want him to know it's you who has been harrassing him? :wink:
  • martinwitnammartinwitnam Posts: 439
    Stefano I wish it was that simple.

    Can we fix it?
    Yes we can!
  • Has your friend complained to his service provider about these messages? Surely that's the first step.
    If their content is obscene or threatening, then they should be taking action.
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  • STEFANOS4784STEFANOS4784 Posts: 4,109
    I used to work in a Vodafone shop and your friend needs to talk/show this to the police who will speak with the service provider who should be able to get the number. At worst (If the number is not registerd) they will block the SIM so the number is unusable

    Also, if it continues the provider can change the number at no penalty to the victim. Hastle, but may be worth it of they're using unregistered SIMS and can just keep getting them for nothing anyway.....

    Finally. If you get no luck in store go above their heads as a lot of phone shop people can be lying a**holes who only give a sh!t if you want a new contract. Not me i hasten to add, that's why i left, or should i say was pushed :wink: :arrow:
  • RDWRDW Posts: 1,900
    If they went through a website like this (random example):

    the only way to trace them would be via an IP address (which might be an internet cafe, etc.)
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