new cassette/sprocket change?

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right i hope ive got this correct, i have a 9 speed campag 11-26 sprocket on the back, 39,52 on the front, of my road bike, and was wondering what rear cassette i could change it to, to really give me a chance of making it up some steep hills in the lake district :evil: :evil: , i dont want to go the easy way out and get a triple on the front, so was wondering if any of you clever guys could point me in the right direction??/, cheers percey


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    Change the fron sprockets to a compact set, say 50/34 tht will help.
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  • Might have to change the rear derailleur as they usually have a limit to the range of teeth they can shift to. Think the highest on the rear you can get is 32? Although a 28 should easily suffice, i got up Rosedale Chimney on a 25.
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    If you look up chain capacity for campag, your current set up has one of 28 (difference between number of chainring teeth added to the difference of the min and max sprocket teeth) which is about the max for a short cage mech (officially 27). So you should be able to change it to a 13-28 without any problem. I'm pretty sure the max a rear campag mech will take is a 29, so you'll just about be there.