The price of Bikes - Bargains to be had!

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I have just bought a new bike and the last time I bought one was June 2008. It was a Spesh Roubiax Pro Carbon/Dura Ace etc for £2000.

The same bike now with a few small upgrades is £3500

I have always had Srecialized but their prices (in my opinion) are excessive.

There are bargains about at this time of year if you get the discontinued models.

I managed to get £500 of Scott CR1 Pro full Ultegra and KSYRUM Elite wheels for £1999.

The Spesh Roubaix is 3k for same spec, maybe a better bike but I dont think the wheels are as good!

Retailers will give good discounts on the less popular brands



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    Perhaps the best bargain is not buying a new bike every ten minutes..!
  • Great, another useless thread
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
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    You could have got an Izalco Pro with Dura-ace and Mavic Ksyrium Elite for 2 k when wiggle had their 20% TDF offer on.....
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    Great, another useless thread


    This basically amounts to: end-of-line stock is often cheaper, and inflation has made things more expensive. If we had a 'Life Beginners' forum then this thread would be in there...
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    balthazar wrote:
    Perhaps the best bargain is not buying a new bike every ten minutes..!

    Hey that is unfair - it is an amazing bargain posted on a beginners thread if you are a beginner that has £2000 to spend on a new bike!!
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    Thebigbee dont worry I have broad sholders and had and seen a lot worse.

    After all SloppySchleckonds has been a member for less than two weeks.

    I love the bike by the way did 46 miles on it today, just need to adjust saddle position and maybe reduce stem but will give it a few hundred miles first

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    No need to gun the guy down at all. I have seen far more pointless threads on here and copious willy waving ones too. This is the 'Road Beginners' for a reason...

    Good luck with the new machine flyer btw.