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Any Riders/Groups Near Kimberley Notingham

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Been commuting for about 2 years with longer rides when the weather is decent. Not looking to race just ride at a decent av pace(16-18mph) but like the odd sprint. Age 31 so still might have a shot at the tour if I really upped my game :shock: , at least thats what I tell myself. :D

Looking for any Riders/Groups near Kimberley Nottingham.

Cheers Dan.


  • nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460

    Still got a house in Kimberley but unfortunately moved to Repton, Derbys now.

    Occasionally still in the Kimberley area and sometimes ride over to check on house. Happy to ride out if in the area or could meet halfway.

  • mouthmouth Posts: 1,195

    Heanor Clarion and Revolution (I know its website is studio cycling, but they do have a road set-up) are probably closest. The two Beeston clubs and Derby are all about 8-10 miles away from you but depends if you take your bike on a car to a ride-out or not.

    Also the two Beeston clubs kinda combine for 10 TT's and chain gangs.

    Notts CTC do some ride outs from Aspley and Arnold areas as well as West Bridgford and Lowdham (I think).
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  • e999same999sam Posts: 426
    There's a group of riders who meet at the Hurt Arms, Amberate at 0915 every Sunday. There's a mix of clubs but mostly Belper BC and some Derby Mercury. There's one guy who comes from Kimberley.
  • Cheers for the info, I will check some of them clubs out. Paul drop me a PM if you are riding out this way.
  • HeavenfireHeavenfire Posts: 50
    Ah, if I still lived in Bulwell ... (actually very glad I don't! - no offense to Bulwell residents intended)
  • random manrandom man Posts: 1,518
    Ashfield RC meet at the Badger Box on Derby Rd, Kirkby on Sundays at 9am. Rides are about 60 -70 miles long, usually with a cafe stop.
    There are normally two groups, one for faster riders and the other at a steadier pace where no-one gets dropped.
    They're a friendly bunch, new riders are always welcome.
  • Might give Ashfield RC a try on Wednesday morn, but not sure wether to turn up on the understated CAAD, or Over the top Tarmac :shock: . But if I get dropped on the Tarmac It will be all the gear no idea. :oops:
  • geoff_ssgeoff_ss Posts: 1,201
    Heavenfire wrote:
    Ah, if I still lived in Bulwell ... (actually very glad I don't! - no offense to Bulwell residents intended)

    I think you're right! I went to school in Bulwell (1951-56) :)

    Derby Mercury usually meet in Allestre (A6/A38 junction on Sunday mornings, I think). I haven't gone on Merc club runs for years but I think that one is quite fast. Quite a way from Kimberley. I would suggest the CTC for a start.
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