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Thule 561 roof rack

fludeyfludey Posts: 384
edited July 2011 in Workshop
hi hoping someone can set my mind at ease! Have just changed my frame clamp type roof rack for the Thule 561 as I read you shouldn't clamp a carbon frame (ar4) or oversized aluminium frame (f75).
But I have also read that the 561 may not be suitable for all carbon forks which both my bikes have, which is the best option to go with clamp the frame or clamp the forks? Or leave the bike at home when I go away!!

Also the lock rings on the 561 have a very sharp edge has anyone fitted plastic or rubber washers to protect their forks?

Anyone help?

And yes I am well aware not to let my carbon bike get wet or leave it in direct sunlight :lol:
Felt AR4
Planet X Pro Carbon 105
MTB Kona Kikapu Deluxe with a few upgrades!!


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