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Some say... (Game)

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Top Gear themed thread.

You should know the format if you watch.

Jezzer opens up with the line "Some say" and you need to finish off the line with a comment about The Stig.

Just for laughs, though Wiggle may chuck the best reply a packet of Haribo, then again if not you can blame them for something!

"Some say he can't post on Bike Radar because he posts replies too fast, others say he likes licking balloons.."


  • CrapaudCrapaud Posts: 2,483
    "Some say he can't post on Bike Radar because he posts replies too fast, others say he likes licking balloons.."
    Some say it's windows.
    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject - Churchill
  • Some say P_tucker will make a positive post
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 25,186
    Some say when they made him, they took his brain from Coroneymede....
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
    - @ddraver
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    Some say P_tucker will make a positive post

    Sorry - does anyone actually say that? :lol:
    Faster than a tent.......
  • holmeboyholmeboy Posts: 674
    Some say his c*ck and balls are so big they need three transporters to carry them

    What? I can't say censored ? C*ck!
  • holmeboyholmeboy Posts: 674
    Some say he has no eyes but receives only digital data.
  • lemoncurdlemoncurd Posts: 1,428
    Some say Top Gear is good.

    It's shite.
  • martinwitnammartinwitnam Posts: 439
    Some say that his gloves are made from pure kangaroo scrotal sack.

    Can we fix it?
    Yes we can!
  • GinjafroGinjafro Posts: 572
    Some say Pinarello forks were inspired by his legs....
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  • davieseedaviesee Posts: 6,386
    Some say Jens would beat the Stig........
    None of the above should be taken seriously, and certainly not personally.
  • kev77kev77 Posts: 433
    Some say His heart is upside down and his teeth glow in the dark
  • parrymanparryman Posts: 153
    some say he has 5 eyes, others say he poops rainbows....
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` * ¸.•´¸.•*´¨The Amazing Parryman
  • cruiser33cruiser33 Posts: 464
    Some say, He walks on water; other say, He`s the son of someone up above!
  • McBain_v1McBain_v1 Posts: 5,237
    "...he's little more than a marketing gimmick to take in the gullible asswipes that worship Clarkson"

    still others say

    "...that the only bike he can ride is a 1971 Raleigh Chopper because it had a gear stick"

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!
  • NuggsNuggs Posts: 1,804
    Some say that when he rides, he doesn't move around the Earth, the Earth moves around him.

    Some say that last time he sprinted, he knocked the Earth off its axis and almost created the second ice age.

  • jim453jim453 Posts: 1,360
    Really good thread.
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