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Second hand commuter/ hybrid bikes - where from?

WILL 1 AMWILL 1 AM Posts: 132
edited August 2011 in Commuting general
I'm after a bike to get to work in but I don't have much to spend so I'm looking for second hand stuff.

Can't seem to find any thoug so any links for uk classifieds forum?




  • DaerveDaerve Posts: 33
    Try ebay when the weather begins to turn. :lol:
  • Godders1Godders1 Posts: 750
    There are pretty active classified forums here. One for road bikes and one for MTBs, hybrids tend to get advertised in the MTB forum.

    eg. ... ght=hybrid ... ght=hybrid
  • flatericflateric Posts: 201
    Worth also going to local tips, websites like gumtree, freecycle, and bumblebee auctions.

    I have almost finished rebuilding a hybrid, got for free, needed work but so far not cost a huge amount to fix.
    Bike one Dawes Acoma (heavily modified)
    Bike two (trek) Lemond Etape (dusty and not ridden much)
    Bike Three Claude Butler chinook, (freebee from
    Freecycle, Being stripped and rebuilt
    (is 3 too many bikes)
  • Andrew NAndrew N Posts: 119
    Have a look on Going Going Bike, you might spot something :D
    online marketplace for all things bike
  • WILL 1 AMWILL 1 AM Posts: 132
    Thanks, the classifieds don't really have much in the way of commuter hybrid type bikes, so I was hoping there was another site similar to this but commuter dedicated. Will have a ganders at the above.
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