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Suntour XCM Lock out Lever nightmare!

iosmniosmn Posts: 7
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I really hope you can help me.

I have a Suntour SF10-XCM-V2-PM-DS-HLO-26-100 fork on my GT Avalanche 3.0 Mountain bike and the hydraulic lock out lever completely came off whilst on the bike rack of my car.

I have re-ordered what I was told was the cap (part number FE 255-31) with the cog/hex key additional part but they don't seem to fit the bike.

These two parts look right and fit together but 1) the cap wont fit into the hole at the top of the damping rod and 2) the Allan key part of the cog is too small for the hex key at the top of the damping rod and just spins.

Have I got the wrong parts or am I trying to put them on incorrectly? When I turn the top of the damping rod with a standard alan key the lock does not switch off - what actually controls the on/off status of the lock?

I would really appreciate your help - I have been trying to find the parts for 2 months and now I have them they do not seem to fit!

Please help!!!

(I have photos if anyone is interested)



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