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Looking for a pretty town bike for my missus, help please???

bootcutboybootcutboy Posts: 9
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HI All

Firstly I hope that I have listed this in the correct forum, if not could an admin person please move it.

My girlfriend and I are moving to the country in a month or so, it is also her 30th Birthday and I may like to get her a nice pretty bike for cycling around the countryside. We won't be cycling far and the look of the bike will probably go down better with her than the ride of the bike, bell, chain guard and wicker basket are a necessity haha, although it must be quite comfy to ride and have at least 3 gears.

We keep seeing these bikes on days out and she keeps saying OOH I WANT ONE, problem is I have already spent loads on her so I would say £200 would be MAX, so I have had a shop about and all the really pretty ones such as the ones below seem to be around £600 but does anyone know of anywhere that sells nice ones a bit cheaper? I know decathlon sell cheap bikes but they don't really have anything suitable, also would rather not buy 2nd hand as I want it to be sparkling new for her and know it will last.

Any suggestions would be brilliant, Thanks a lot in advance! ... xProd=7540 ... _Bike_2011


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