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Impromptu Cafe Elsdon?

carbon337carbon337 Posts: 414
edited July 2011 in The bottom bracket
Open on a Friday during school hols?

Thinking of heading up there tomorrow.


    I was just about to post the most inappropriate thing I have ever done or said.

    So on that note, if anyone does go too, or knows, of said cafe, let me know.

    If it does good cake I will travel (within reason), review and post.

    Love n hugs

    ps need 35mm?
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  • carbon337carbon337 Posts: 414
    you what....?
  • Sirius631Sirius631 Posts: 991
    carbon337 wrote:
    you what....?

    A bit of translation. She said 'If anyone does go aswell, or knows, of said cafe, let me know.'

    Whoops, that can't be right. Let's try that again.

    'If anyone does go aswell, or knows of said cafe, let me know.'

    Yes, that must be it.
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  • carbon337carbon337 Posts: 414
    well - I went and asked them - and ate some Apple Pie - turns out its open every day except Thursday. They go shopping on Thursdays.

    I love living in rural Northumberland :) Its a different way of life up here.
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