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Advice on Tyres

grandpabobgrandpabob Posts: 6
edited July 2011 in Commuting general
I have Bontrager Select Invert Hard Case tyres on my Trek 7100FX bike since I bought new in 2003, and for past 5years I now only ride this bike for pleasure so mainly on roads and along the tow path on Thames etc, these tyres have serve me well I have never had a punture.
I cycle about 50 miles a week, and only in good weather.
Could anybody recommend a reasonably price tyre,.
Evans Cycles have Bontreger Hard Case Tyres at £25 which is a bit more than I would like to pay bearing in mind I am an OAP


  • will3will3 Posts: 2,173
    Do you anticipate riding them for another 5 years? If so, £25 sounds like a bargain.
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