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Sunday Run - Hampton Court to North Downs

5milestogo5milestogo Posts: 224
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Having got confused in thinking that the 'ridetheroute' sportive from Esher was this Sunday I'm now left with a platinum pass for the morning and am hoping to get out onto the North Downs. Does anyone know of any club runs etc that depart Hampton Court area circa 6.30-7.30am on Sunday - alternatively what clubs are there in that area? I'm generally a commuter and have taken part in nothing 'organised' bar but do get out on my tod for 30+ miles in that area from time to time - would be nice to see if there's something to join onto. Cheers
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  • clarkey catclarkey cat Posts: 3,641
    Kingston Wheelers set off at 9am from Laithwaites car park in Surbiton and have lots of diferent groups that head out to the North Downs aswell as other places.
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