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Hope mini rotor help

byker_dudebyker_dude Posts: 10
edited July 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
Hey people. Maybe a stupid question but here goes...

I currently have original hope minis on my bike, and i need to changed the rotors.

My question is, are there any adaptors to increase my caliper from 185 to 203 IS to IS? And is there an adaptor to take my rear mini from 165 to 180 IS to IS so i can match the rotors up (might just be being picky here :wink: )?


Would a 20mm adaptor be sufficient to run 203 rotors on a 185 caliper, and a 183 rotor on a 165 caliper?

Thanks in advance.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    2 +20mm adapters will be what you need but the rear will need to be a 185mm disc.

    you are currently running No 3 calipers? so use the current front for the rear and get a new 203/205 front rotor.
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  • byker_dudebyker_dude Posts: 10
    Excellent. Many thanks good sir :D

    And yes, they are no. 3 calipers.
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