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Armadillo Nimbus 26x1.50

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I've had these tyres for almost a year and Don't know if I should be changing them soon?


  • davisdavis Posts: 2,566
    No. You have years left on them. Although there looks to a slight cut in that sidewall -- take a careful look at that.

    As for the tread surface, you have many, many thousands of miles left.

    edit: I've just taken a wee look at the other pictures -- there's a strange criss-cross on your sidewalls: pop the tyres off, and have a feel with your hands: are they cracked etc?
    Sometimes parts break. Sometimes you crash. Sometimes it’s your fault.
  • squeelersqueeler Posts: 144
    I had these tyres in the same size and they seemed to degrade quite quickly too.
    After 4000miles over a couple of years the tread didn't look too badly worn but seemed to be coming away from the casing and the sidewalls were getting badly split too. Almost like the innertube was trying to burst out of the tyre.
    I was just about to change them for something else but the bike got pinched anyway.
  • jedsterjedster Posts: 2,004
    I've got them on my station bike. They only do 20 miles per week but they've been doing that for 5 years so probably 4000 miles. Never had a puncture. I've just bought some new tyres, starting to see the material under the tread in the grooves.

    I doubt you need to change them yet.
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