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Advice on buying a replacement for my poor stolen bike.

Bling BlingBling Bling Posts: 67
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My bike was stolen yesterday, I know I'll never see it again, the police haven't even phoned me back yet to confirm my crime number. My insurance is probably not going to cover it as it was stolen off my property (lesson learnt).

It was a Scott Contessa 30 (2009 series) which while I appreciate isn't the most expensive bike in the world, it was the most I could afford and it suited me perfectly. I particularly liked that it was female specific and the geometry of the frame felt really comfortable.

So, where do I go from here? Do I buy like-for-like ie. the 2011 version of the same model, which will probably feel similar to ride but I'm not so keen on the paint job (yes, vanity does matter to me lol, I loved my last bike). Or do I save up and compensate myself with a more expensive hardtail mtb, and if so, what would I look for?

All advice on women specific hardtail mountain bikes much appreciated. :)


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    you buy two bikes. a censored cheap one for the Uni run and something really nice.
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  • waughiewaughie Posts: 180
    also check your house hold insurance, some cover you for theft provided it is locked up.
  • GalfinnanGalfinnan Posts: 49
    My wife has just ordered a Cube Access, it is a lovely bike. Has a good geometry specific to a woman and looks absolutely lovely, she had wanted the black but she ended up getting the model above in white due to no stock. It has nice components and looks well made so i would recommend it.

    Alternatively, most big cities have a bike recycling centre/scheme where you can pick up a decent enough 2nd hand bike that has been checked by competent mechanics for a small amount. Worth seeing if there is anything like that near you. I would buy the Access and keep it for good and buy a 2nd hand one for commuting/uni that way if it goes again its not the end of the world.

    Also keep an eye on local papers/gumtree etc in case it turns up there, you never know.
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