How to use a track pump?!?

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Very stupid and nooby question, but how on earth do you use a track pump? Bought a Joe Blow, I have presta valves, connected the pump to the valve in the way that I believed was correct, and ended up snapping the top bit off the valve.

Thanks a ton. :P


  • Slow Downcp
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    The same as any other pump?

    Loosed valve, push on pump connector, turn lever to lock on and pump up. Do the reverse to remove.
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  • Herbsman
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    Just be more careful next time. Try holding the valve and the pump together as you lock the lever in place.
  • heavymental
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    Oh and you might find the valve doesn't let the air in straight away. Make sure the top nut on the valve is undone and give it a press to make sure it's loose before you start pumping.
  • antster94
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    right, yeah I used to have Schrader type valves, didn't realise you had to loosen off anything on the pump. thanks guys.
  • Pigtail
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    It may depend on the pump, but on my one you certainly don't have to loosen anything on the pump.

    The locking lever on bike pumps works the opposite way from car pumps. On a car pump you straighten the lever, put on the pump, then bend it down at right angles to lock it on. On a bike pump you start with it at right angles, then straighten it to lock it on.
  • nferrar
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    The locking varies by pump but you should be able to work out which way it locks by looking at the grommet being compressed.