T-Cut - any good for removing marks on a frame??

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I've got some black marks on my white Spesh frame that have been left by clip on mudguards, brake cables rubbing etc.

Would T-Cut work as a way of cleaning them off or would it just knacker the paintwork? I'm not sure how bike frames compare to car bodywork!



  • jonni3
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    T-cut will be ok, just rub it in lightly.
    Try some frame protector patches for behind the rubbing brake cables, as it will rub through & expose the bare metal under the paint.
  • Fenred
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    As above ^^

    It'll be fine, just be gentle...It's great stuff, I use it on my guitars too :D
  • rodgers73
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    Cheers guys
  • alwaystoohot
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    Alternatively, some WD40 sprayed onto a cloth and rubbed into the marked area should also work, then wash and apply polish/wax. Folks hate WD here but this is a non lube appllication, to get marks off.
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