Help required again! :D

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Hello today i am in the search of advice again.
Since the last thread i made about upgrading my bike i have learnt quite a lot from other very helpful members here. So thank you for that.

Today i ask more questions.

1. Will a Fox Float R 165MM 2010 Shock fit my current frame?

My existing shock is a 165mm eye to eye. But will i need to buy seperate bushings or something? or can i use the existing ones? This is the item in question: ... highlight=

2. Im looking for some new rims. To replace my existing ones because they are now rusty and bent. SO without breaking the bank can someone recommend me a decent set or even sell me one if you have them for sale.

SPec i need is this: 26" 6 bolt to attach my disc brakes and thats about all i know about wheels.

So please help :D

Here is my old thread for reference. there you will find spec and pics of my bike.