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deleted post?

swooswoo Posts: 23
Hi. Just wondering if you deleted my post about looking for a lift for the Olympic mtb test event? I know I initially posted in more than one forum, I didn't know you weren't allowed to do that, I just wasn't sure which was more likely to get a response. Today I saw there was just one post remaining (in 'racing' I think) and I realised you mustn't be allowed to post in more than one, so I deleted it and reposted in 'general' which seemed a better place for it. But now that seems to have been deleted. I'm not sure why, I hope you don't imagine I'm trying to do anything dodgy! I'm just trying to find a lift share so that I don't miss out on the Olympic event, due to financial difficulties it may be the only way I'll be able to get there.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    yes as you already have one. you dont need 10 asking the same thing. Read the rules you agreed to when you signed up to the site.
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  • swooswoo Posts: 23
    I'm sorry, it was a genuine mistake! I just assumed different people read different sections and wasn't sure in which section would be most likely to find the relevant audience. I didn't remember reading that when I signed up or of course I wouldn't have posted in more than one! I assume you are not allowing even one post now. Will look elsewhere and be sure to read the smallprint this time!
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