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Eurosport Player - THE worst cust care EVER, bar none



  • diplodicusdiplodicus Posts: 691
    Surely in the sport of professional cycling there is always room for Phil'n Paul :wink:
  • pomtarrpomtarr Posts: 318
    I've had an email (7 days later, much longer than the 48hrs promised) telling me they're extending my subscription for 2 weeks. I haven't been on though recently due to the lack of racing so I'm not sure if this means they've fixed it or not...
    "Difficult, difficult, lemon difficult"
  • TurfleTurfle Posts: 3,762
    There were no issues during the 1 hour total I had it on for yesterday and today.
  • cycling_mikecycling_mike Posts: 318
    Looks to be working OK for me as well. Long may it continue.. :)
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