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pat1cppat1cp Posts: 766
edited July 2011 in Pro race
"panache isn't worth anything. If I go all out in the mountains and then have left nothing left in the next few days and lose the Tdf, who really won in the mountains? In the tour, there are days when you have to know how to help your opponent, then better to beat him tomorrow."

I know some of you have read it, but guess who??

Kind of has a familiar theme too.


  • Hals1967Hals1967 Posts: 231
    Le Blaireau ?

    1967 Engine
  • pat1cppat1cp Posts: 766

    I didnt ever watch him winning a tour. He's portrayed as one of the sports greatest competitors, yet Cuddles (who I was referring to) gets plugged as a wheel sucker.

    Just goes to show how opinions change or become obscured over time.
  • sagaloutsagalout Posts: 338
    Just reading 'Slaying the badger' at the moment. Excellent read so far :)
  • Cleat EastwoodCleat Eastwood Posts: 7,508
    pat1cp wrote:
    "panache isn't worth anything.

    I would humbly disagree. You can take anything from a rider, from the laurel to the rose, but you can never take their panache.
    The dissenter is every human being at those moments of his life when he resigns
    momentarily from the herd and thinks for himself.
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