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House insurance with bike cover

careless_torquecareless_torque Posts: 9
edited July 2011 in Commuting general
My house insurance is up for renewal, currently with the Halifax because of their pretty good bike cover - 2 bikes covered in garden shed and out & about if they're locked - replacement value about £1800 each.
Anyone use any other house insurers to cover their bikes. The usual sticking point with insurers is a max value of 500 squids or so on the bikes.
The last thing I want to do is phone up insurers and ask them a simple question as they always insist on going through the whole painful quoting process.



  • Been asked before. M&S often recommended.
    Nobody told me we had a communication problem
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    M&S, 3 bed house and contents, £33 pcm for premier policy, includes personal posessions to £4000 per item, unspecified, including any number of bikes to that value (each), extension for worldwide cover included, accidental damage included, no specifications re: storage or locks, other than the usual "take reasonable care".
  • BigJimmyBBigJimmyB Posts: 1,302
    +1 for M&S - very reasonable too.

    I used GoCompare to find mine....
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,405 Lives Here
    AXA were very good when I had to claim for a bicycle pinched from the garden. Bikes are included up to a value of £1000 without notification. Bikes over £1000 are included if declared.
    Having said that with extras my bike was just over £1100 and they didn't quibble. Cover away from home is included.
  • dsharp7thdsharp7th Posts: 19
    edited July 2011
    Naturesave - little known ethical insurance company in Devon. Used them for buildings/contents for years and every time I check their premium is always as good as or better than what the comparison sites bring up. You benefit from discounts if you have certain energy saving features in your home, and they keep telling you about eco/community projects that you are helping to fund.

    The best bit - no excess on cycle claims. (They cheerfully paid up £40 for a new wheel when a bmx kid crashed into me).

    You'll need to interact with a human though. No chance of finding them with a meerkat. / 01803 864390

    page 22 in this document for the cycle cover wording. ... ording.pdf
  • joelsimjoelsim Posts: 7,552
    Just cost me £26 to add a £1k bike onto my Sainsburys policy.
  • MattL30MattL30 Posts: 28
    UIA either have, or shortly will, be putting £1000 bike cover as standard onto their policies.
  • Skid SoloSkid Solo Posts: 29
    M&S for me, and paid out easliy when one of my bikes was stolen, however delaing with Wheelies (the supplier of M&S choice) was not so easy. But I wouldnt change as we have 4 cycles over £2000 and thus each are insurred at no extra cost
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